Simple Ways to Exceed Customer Expectations Using Social Media

Simple Ways to Exceed Customer Expectations Using Social Media

Meeting customer expectations is the most meaningful component of customer satisfaction. However, to be able to achieve a high customer satisfaction, brands should first understand who their customers are and what they want. Exceeding your customers’ expectations using social media seemingly looks easier than what you think, but in reality, it is not. In fact, there is still quite a huge gap between what customers want from social media customer service and what businesses are delivering.

While social media engagement has shown to be one of the best opportunities for brands to tap into the recent years, many companies still fail to actively engage with the countless online consumers in the social landscape making their buying decisions, sharing brand experiences, and seeking customer support. The sad truth is, several brands keep posting freely while customers’ comments were given the least importance.

This begs us to the question, how do you meet or exceed your customers’ expectations?

Listen to Your Customers

Obviously, the first step to meeting your audience’s expectations is by listening to them. Before you get started, find out where people are talking about you. Hear their social voice, in short. Then, select the right social media platforms. It is better to choose two to three channels where you can serve well than doing on all channels poorly. Concentrate on getting together the social sites which matter most to your target audience.

To achieve this, you need to integrate all your social channels into a single platform where customer support can work across them effectively and quickly to establish fast response times. Supervising multiple platforms natively and cutting all the clutter to get to serious customer concerns is time consuming and ineffective.

Understand what your customers really want. Delve deeper into their comments to see why they are seeking for assistance, what their problems and immediate needs are, and what works well for them.

Respond to Client Queries Within the Hour

According to research, the majority of online consumers expects brands to respond within the hour and 28% of them are willing to wait within 24 hours. However, only a few brands are geared up to deliver on this expectation. Some companies either remain deaf or they just miss comment. Generally, consumers just want their voices to be heard, and a simple apology and reassurance is enough for them.

Let them know that you have received their query and you are looking for the best solution to their problem. Remember that it only takes a few keystrokes for brands to be found online. So if you miss to provide your customers with a swift and timely reply, they are more likely to feel neglected.

It is also crucial to monitor the peak time when customers contact you as this can help your support team to identify when to be available and get their act together. On that note, ensure that you have a structured response (i.e., “We strive to answer all customer issues within 24 hours.”) and have a systematic way of replying. But do take note to customise your message and deliver responses to customer within the established time frame.

Attune Your Services to Customer’s Changing Expectations

Each customer comes with his/her own personal expectations, and they are constantly changing. If you want to get a leg up on the competition, you should enhance the customer experience to exceed these new expectations.

For instance, some clients expect a free return policy. When they purchase your product under the assumption that you are meeting their expectation, they most probably will feel disappointed if you tell them they can’t return something after they have already paid for it.

If you don’t want to risk annoying your customers, and worse, losing profits, make sure that you have a proper system in place that will help you flex to the revolving expectations. One best approach to achieve this is by listening to customer feedback. This is an excellent venue that will tell you what buyers are expecting from your brand. If your business happens to not meet these new expectations, polish your service to enhance the experience and bring things back on track.

Invest in improving the customer experience and giving outstanding customer care to create a competitive advantage in today’s super-competitive market. Don’t just talk to social customers, hear them out, offer them solution in a timely manner, and earn their brand loyalty.

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Simple Ways to Exceed Customer Expectations Using Social Media

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