Should You Include Google+ in Your Digital Marketing Strategy?


There’s a myriad of social networking sites CEOs, advertisers and marketers can play with and use for business, which are seemingly more visually stunning than Google+. While it can be staggering to manage every single social site you run for your digital marketing campaign, maximising the potentials of social media to market your business and connect with consumers is vital to your success.

This begs the questions, why should your business be on Google+ when you are already active on the leading platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn?

Whether it is popular or not, the pros far outweigh the cons in terms of building your social media campaign on Google+. With more than 235 million active users, Google+ believes its stats will continue to grow, chiefly for the reason that Google urges searches, Gmail users and YouTube subscribers to get active and engage on Google+.

Like it or not, Google+ is Google. So when faced with the question should you include Google+ in your social campaign, the answer is nothing but an earsplitting YES.

And getting back to the main question as to why your business should be on Google+, we got the answers laid out for you below.

Google loves it when you play in their sandbox

Google has long been well-known to reign the search engine. While its Google+ may not be as popular as other social media platforms, it is unquestionably indispensable for content marketing and SEO. Google+ will not only help you look more competitive and boost your online exposure and branding, it will also augment your search engine ranking and visibility.

For instance, you own an electrical shop, and a family who has just moved into your neighborhood needs assistance on their new house’s electrical wiring and safety. The new house owners will likely search for an “electrician in City Name”.

Do you know what happens next?

Google pushes local listings to the top of those results based on a mix of shortest distance to travel and highest reviews (coming from Google+). Got the point, now? If you do not take full advantage of the integration between Google+ and other Google platforms, you can miss out a significant opportunity – and that is on client leads.

Improve SEO results for your business

Above anything else, use Google+ to boost your business SEO results, even if none of your target audience uses the platform. Keep in mind, Google+ is Google. And as such, whatever activities you have on Google+ directly affect SEO.

Google doesn’t play favouritism. It flaps content from Google+ and on other social networking channels and website pages in the same manner. The advantage is, content on Google+ has a longer life and stays in search results over a longer period. As a matter of fact, Google+ posts can still appear top of SERPs even if it’s more than a year old already. So if your business runs a Google+ profile and people looks for your business, they can see your Google+ page and its most recent posts on the right side of their personal search results – regardless of whether they are your followers or not.

Put simply, Google+ means faster and more efficient search engine results for your venture. Spend some time and effort into your business page on Google+ and see an improvement with your local search visibility.

Google+ is a good cross between Facebook and LinkedIn

Google+ doesn’t have the casual, too friendly vibe of Facebook, nor does it have LinkedIn’s strictly business appearance. For that reason, Google+ happens to be an excellent combination of fun and professional. It allows customisation of cover photos and includes easy content and photo sharing, which is similar to Facebook. This gives brands the opportunity to play with their imagination and be more creative with their pages. On the professional side, the platform is not only a great source of news, but also a good place to connect with professional leaders and influencers.

Builds Your Brand Identity

Creating a Google+ profile and linking it to your website or blog offers you the chance to claim authorship of your content. Doing so automatically displays your profile photo next to each of your posts in search results. This enhanced search result listing with Google Authorship helps readers identify your content at a glance and help you build authority and influence. In other words, authorship leads to greater visual attention on SERPs and a stronger brand identity.

Overall, it is great for getting publicity and developing a personal brand, especially if you’re in an industry that makes you the face of your business.

Bottom Line:

No matter where industry your business belongs, whether it is a fortune 500 or a startup with a limited budget, do remember how imperative to take any opportunities that come your way, especially when it comes to gaining exposure, establishing a strong base, and building a strong brand. It is never too late to use Google+ for your business, particularly when running a social media campaign.


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Should You Include Google+ in Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

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