Creative Ways to Use the Services of Overseas Virtual Assistants

Creative Ways to Use the Services of Overseas Virtual Assistants

Planning to hire a virtual assistant to help you establish your small business? You’re maybe thinking that virtual assistants only have limited skills that revolve around general administrative tasks. But you’d be surprised to know that some of them have skills that encompass the long-standing notion we have about what they can only do.

It can be a bit hard to entrust specialised tasks to overseas virtual assistants. After all, it’s beyond our knowledge of how great their education systems are. You may not be comfortable assigning a content writing task in fluent English to your VA, but know that there are still a lot of tasks that a remote assistant can do independent of his/her language fluency.

Here are some of them:

  1. Coding

Coding languages, given that there are a number of them, remain as they are no matter who you are and where you are on the planet. They are entirely irrelevant to being fluent in English; hence, you don’t need to worry about the fluency of your VA when he/she is producing code for your website or any project that involves the use of it.

However, you should be wary of the quality of their code. If it doesn’t work or isn’t secured, that could be a sign that your coder or VA may not have the required knowledge of the language. Still, your homework is to assess the competency of your VA before hiring.

The best thing about hiring an overseas virtual assistant that does coding is that he or she can produce a quality website the same as a domestic one does it, but for a fraction of the cost.

  1. Live Chat Support

If you’re still not confident about your VA’s English fluency, you may have second thoughts on assigning a live chat support task. Don’t worry though because you can still go about it by making a script as a guide for your agent.

Your agent may sound a bit unnatural owing to the fact that English isn’t his/her native language. Nevertheless, sticking to the script will do the trick. Even if the agent resides in an English speaking country, he/she may still encounter the same level of difficulty if he/she doesn’t stick to the script given.

Most live chat agents don’t have to be on the phone all the time and only answer calls when a customer has an inquiry on a website. Thus, your agent doesn’t need to have a full understanding of your business. Most questions can be answered with just a handful of scripts and some basic information at hand.

  1. Lead Generation

Your website can be a mine of leads if it has a contact form on it. But sorting through leads and pursuing those who require the most attention might become a time-consuming manual task that is better left into the hands of virtual assistants. A VA can easily sort through your contact messages and send a follow-up letter to the most promising leads.

  1. Graphic Design

Another universal language like coding is imagery. Today, there are many very good graphic designers overseas that only charge less for their services. They can produce the same quality designs that graphic designers in your country can.

Determine if you need a virtual assistant that also does graphic design or a design agency overseas. If you are working on large projects, a specialist is an ideal hire.

  1. Social Media Management

There are a lot of powerful tools that help you efficiently manage social media accounts today. It might be exciting to try your hand on any of these tools, but managing social media accounts can be an arduous task if you’re pressed for time, which you probably are. Here comes the duty of a virtual assistant to help take the load off your back.

You can have a virtual assistant to help you run your company’s social media accounts. You can manage how your VA can access your accounts for security reasons. You can ask your VA to publish daily posts, run the company’s feeds, and respond to comments.  By then, you’ll have all the time to focus on creating the content, making use of analytic data, or marketing your services.

  1. Blogging

If you think blogging is simply writing content for a website, you’re hugely mistaken. There’s a number of menial work involved before a blog becomes live, such as backing up a blog, maintaining it, and keeping the software up-to-date.

Content management can be easily done by overseas virtual assistants. A blog manager is the one responsible in keeping your website in shape and relevant. Not only does he/she develop ideas for posts, he/she should also be able to draft outlines, search relevant images for posts, and reference links.

There are still a lot of creative tasks that you can give to your virtual assistant. These tasks are usually very expensive when done domestically. If you’re smart enough and trust an overseas virtual assistant to do the work for you, you’ll save more than what you can imagine. Plus, you’ll have more time to set your eyes on the other aspects of your business that requires a lot of your attention.

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Creative Ways to Use the Services of Overseas Virtual Assistants

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