How Important is Web Self-Service?

How Important is Web Self-Service

The use of web self-service among customers has seen a massive rise in recent years. This type of e-support is now a vital part of the customer journey, empowering customers to find an answer to their questions and fix their issues. It reduces the need for assisted interactions in other channels like voice and email.

Web self-service is the number one touchpoint for customers who would rather find a solution by themselves instead of: being in a call queue for several minutes; navigating an IVR platform; or waiting for an email or social media response to their enquiry. Web self-service has proven to be as useful as other channels. In fact, many customers see it as the fastest and easiest way to obtain information and perform tasks.

Although not all customers use web self-service in their journey, it will always be a staple of customer service. The implementation of a platform for this channel can be a daunting challenge for your growing business. But with proper planning, it will benefit your customers, your agents and your company in the following ways.


1. It will bring down costs


We won’t get into the specifics here, but it’s a known fact that that web self-service is the most accessible channel in terms of cost per contact.

In fact, many organisations can attest that empowering customers to help themselves is a smart way to drive cost reduction. If your web self-service platform is able to establish customer intent, respond immediately to their needs, and help them make informed decisions, you will see a reduction in interactions on costlier channels.


2. It will reduce queue volumes


If your web self-service platform seamlessly integrates with your website and helps customers achieve their goals, you will see a significant decline in queue volumes in other channels.

Customers nowadays are eager to fix an issue on their own. Your web self-service platform should help them achieve that, and every element should contribute to a positive CX. If your customers are satisfied with their self-service transaction, they won’t need to interact with you on social media, speak with a live agent, or send an email.


3. It will boost agent efficiency


Web self-service offers round-the-clock access to information and guides customers to fix their own issues. It keeps redundant questions and issues from making their way into other channels, allowing agents to focus on the most complex problems and questions.

The information gathered from this channel can be used to: establish customer context; identify new and recurring contact drivers; and determine appropriate improvements for other touchpoints. Ultimately, it will empower agents to ensure a satisfactory CX.

Employees may the implementation of web self-service as a step towards downsizing, even though the opposite is actually true. Of course, it won’t have an adverse impact on office morale if agents are included in the strategizing and implementation of the platform and processes. Obtain feedback from them and your customers to identify areas for improvement and make proactive adjustments.

Your success with web self-service will depend on the accessibility of your platform as well as the quality and quantity of the information available. With proper planning and implementation, it can be a very lucrative investment that will empower you to keep up with your customers’ evolving needs and expectations. To ensure a satisfactory experience, work with a multi-channel contact centre that offers accessible and efficient web self-service.

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How Important is Web Self-Service?

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