Top 10 Essential Elements Successful Blog Posts Share

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There’s more to great blogs than meets the eye.

Content that’s powerful, engaging and shareworthy share a lot of common elements.

What do compelling blogs have in common?

  • Imaginative headline

More often than not, readers click on titles they find intriguing and interesting.

With that in mind, make sure you come up with creative headlines that will catch both the fancy and attention of your readers.

  • Short paragraphs

Nowadays, it is recommended to keep your paragraphs short and engaging as opposed to long and boring.

Three to four sentences per paragraph is deemed ideal.

Substantial yet short paragraphs will not only make it easy for you to keep your reader’s attention, it can also help minimise bounce rate.

  • Right structure

Structure is often one of the most overlooked elements in an article.

If you want to convey a message clearly and accurately, you have to organise your thoughts and ideas and present it in a systematic and concise manner.

With the right structure in place, you are able to provide flow, thereby giving your readers the consummate reading experience.

  • Distinct personality

Don’t think twice about injecting personality in your blog posts.

In the sometimes rigid digital world, a little personality can be likened to an indian summer in the middle of winter.

Add brand identity and zing to your posts by infusing a touch of personality.

  • Relevant images

To ensure your piece is interesting, incorporate relevant and engrossing images in your blog content.

While sometimes taken for granted, images can help add to the persuasiveness of your piece and can help make your overall content all the more appealing.

  • Internal linking

In a nutshell, internal linking is a good way to give your old posts the much needed exposure.

Apart from linking to a previous post, you can also use internal links to direct readers to your client portfolio page or to other relevant content (videos, infographics, etc) that might be of interest to your readers.

  • Unique content

Give your content the much needed edge by using a unique approach, angle or spin.

While you may share the same opinion with so many others, how you present your content will make it one of a kind.

In addition, never discount the importance of creating content that’s unique and not merely copied from others.

Plagiarised content will surely turn off your readers and stain your credibility big time.

  • Impeccable spelling and grammar

Before you publish your content, make sure both your spelling and grammar are impeccable.

It’s a painstaking process but you have to edit and proofread your articles to ensure it is free from errors in terms of grammar and spelling.

It will work to your advantage to wait for a few hours (or when feasible, a day) before you go through your work again to check for errors.

Also, do not think twice about doing revisions when the need calls for it. Alter wordings, change sections, and adjust your approach until you are satisfied with the final product.

  • Valid point

Your article should have a point, something memorable readers can latch onto.

If your article is meaty, with a well-founded point to boot, readers are more compelled to comment, share and engage with it.

  • A call to action

You have created this compelling content with flawless grammar and style, persuasive point and beautiful structure.

Now what?

To seal the deal, your post should come with a call to action.

This will give the reader the opportunity to click, respond and engage with the content you have shared.

What is it that you would like them to do?

Regardless of the objective you have in mind, (have them purchase your product, download your ebook or provide you with their email addresses) you need to include a call to action with each and every article.

Creating content alone is not enough. You have to create posts that contain all the key elements mentioned above. Once you have that covered, you can look forward to enjoying all the benefits content marketing has to offer.05

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Top 10 Essential Elements Successful Blog Posts Share

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