What Makes ‘Great Content’ Great? 4 Key Elements to Consider

content is king

‘Content is king’.

Undoubtedly, the abovementioned adage ranks high in the list of major web marketing cliches of all time.

How exactly do you go about creating great content people will rave about?

While there is an infinite number of ways to create powerful content, below are key considerations you need to take into account.

  1. Your content should be findable

However compelling your content may be, it is utterly worthless if people won’t be able to find it or share it.

However, for people to easily find your content, you would need to take advantage of what SEO has to offer. Contrary to what others claim about SEO being dead, when done right, it will help make your content even more powerful.

Achieve search findability by aligning your content with highly relevant keywords or keyword phrases. Then optimise your content for those keywords.

Ideally, your content should be findable in at least two ways:

From inside your website – People who browse through your website should be able to find your latest post immediately.

From outside your website – Those who are not familiar with your website should be able to find your content through search engines.

  1. Your content should be shareable

A share-worthy content meets two criteria:

People are compelled to share it – More often than not, when people come across entertaining, interesting and inspiring content, they would want to share it with other people on their networks.

It’s easy to shareWriting shareable SEO content people would want to share is just half of the challenge. The other half involves making it easy for people to share your content.

How do you pull off creating an irresistible content people would want to share?

There are numerous ways, but you can start with the following basics:

Come up with something  fascinating

Are you confident and excited to tell your followers and even people you know in real life about it?

If the answer is no, start again.

Chances are, it’s not fascinating enough.

Pay attention to “framing”

In a nutshell, framing entails being mindful of the elements that are visible to the readers such as the headline, share text, image, etc.

Think about it, the more you intrigue people with your headlines, images, etc. the more they are likely to click and read. This also maximises the possibility of them sharing your content with people on their network.

Use user-friendly social sharing tools

Play with hovering sharing buttons, tweetables, or a prominent pop-up that says “Share this!” in your website to make it easier (and more fun!) for your readers to share your posts.

  1. Your content should be usable

Oftentimes, ‘usability’ is a key factor in many designs, regardless if it’s just a fork or an online tool.

In the same manner, your content should be ‘usable’ for it to fascinate and awe.

For starters, your content should be easy for people to consume and digest for it to be considered usable.

While not many are aware of it, apps and tools are also regarded as content. With that in mind, it is recommended that you opt for user-friendly ones, otherwise, you might end up driving your readers away.

To ensure your apps and tools are user-friendly, consider user testing. Take into account suggestions and feedbacks provided by your followers and work on them as soon as possible.

  1. Your content should be readable

Apart from ensuring your content is shareable, you also have to take into consideration its readability.

In essence, readable content is easy on the eyes.

So, what are the key readability factors you need to consider?

Leading – This refers to the vertical space between lines. Make sure this one’s not too tight.

Font size – Ensure to use the right font size so that readers won’t have a hard time reading your blog.

Column width – Margin width should not be too wide, otherwise, readers will have difficulty moving from left to right.

Text and background colour – Use a combination of colour that complements each other and is not painful to the eyes.

Other ways to make your content readable include but are not limited to the following:

Lists – People love lists. Cliche but true. This is not surprising as lists are easier to read, and yes, easier to process.

Scannable info – Breaking up your texts into as many chunks as possible makes it effortless for your readers to scan your content. Give the eyes something to latch onto by using bullets, subheadings, bold texts and even pop-up quotes.

Clarity and concision – When possible, being succinct is the way to go. However, provided your long-form sentences make perfect sense, then go for it. Just don’t ramble, otherwise, you might come across as incoherent. To attain clarity, avoid writing anything you’d feel awkward saying out loud. The key is to write like you talk but of course, with better grammar.

Creating powerful, shareable and engaging content can be pulled off in numerous ways. However, taking the following key elements above is a huge step in the right direction.

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What Makes ‘Great Content’ Great? 4 Key Elements to Consider

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